Here's what I know....Having your portrait made can be really, really hard. I have struggled most of my life with the feelings I have when the lens is pointed in my direction. Sweaty palms, osbstinance, racing heart, even tears. I understand...it can be an incredibly vulnerable moment when the shutter clicks. So many friends and clients have expressed to me how much they hate having their photo made, and wouldn't if they didn't *have* to. More than one person has succumbed to tears mid-photo shoot because of self-doubt and swirling feelings of self judgement. Often these same people recognize beauty in the portraits that are made of others, but don't allow themselves the same kindness. 


Here's what I'd like to say....Having your portrait made can also be incredibly empowering. Life is too short for you to not recognize *you*, on this earth, at this time in your life, squarely and truthfully. Sit with me. Let's talk through it, breathe through it, cry through it if necessary.  Allow yourself this moment of truth, even if it's to hide away until later, even if you never share it with another soul, even if you want to share it with the whole wide world. Allow me to capture your beauty, as you are. Let's rejoice in the hard won lines on your face, that make you uniquely you. Let's not smooth away the life you've lived but acknowledge that the fact that you exist as you are in this world is a monumental gift. 

This project is about looking the lens square in the eye, if you can, and declaring in some small way that you are present in your most truthful state, and more than worthy of note. 

I know that what I'm asking takes an immense amount of trust. If you are in the Austin area, please reach out to me if what I'm saying resonates with you. I'd be so incredibly honored to make your portrait. 

With love,